About the Artist


If there is no courage to dream, there is no energy to fight ...

That's Margarete's motto for life.

She is born in Zwiefalten (Baden-Württemberg/Germany) and studied at the College of Fashion and the State College of Art in Stuttgart, and later on qualified as commercial artist at the College of Art Zürich. Margarete
Margarete Today she lives and works as an artist in Bizerte/Tunisia. Her work is exhibited at her gallery, which is in the most nothern part of Africa.
Inspired by the severe unspoilt scenery, the ocean with its shoreline, the woodlands and mountains, stimulated by the thrilling relation between elements and colours, peaceful silence and dynamism she creates pictures of enormous itensity and vitality. Margarete
Margarete Her style is marked by powerful impressionistic colours, dynamic expression and harmonious perception of the senses.
Paintings, painted of my soul.
My paintings are thought, dreams, visions,
expressions of the soul...
they need not be translatet into words